Kirill Zubovsky Rad Dad

Rad Dad Show, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky.

Rad Dad is an honest and eye-opening interview series with dads about parenting, tips and tricks, life lessons, and much more, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky. 

Millions of dads struggle with parenting every day. Rad Dad is a place to ask questions and to learn from peers in similar situations, offering practical and specific advice for common parenting situations.

My goal is to give you an honest look at the ups and downs of life with little ones. As my kids grow, so will the podcast. If you have questions or would like to suggest a topic for a discussion, please sign up for our newsletter or follow the contact link above. 

Welcome and enjoy the show!

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Rad Dad Podcast hosted by Kirill Zubovsky
Kirill Zubovsky and his daughter