Rad Dad Podcast by Kirill Zubovsky

Bryce Roberts


May 22, 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Episode Summary

Indie.vc is the new kid in town. They are a venture capital firm started by Bryce Roberts and they are revolutionizing the way startups grow and get funded.

In the old model, startups only had two choices - to bootstrap their way to success, or to get on a VC treadmill, raise money, and to continue raising money until they either burn or IPO. That is not sustainable and has potentially destroyed more promising startups than it has created.

Meet Bryce. He lives in Utah, works from home, spends weekends with wife and kids, all while funding successful, profitable, and growing companies. How is that possible? Listen to this episode and you will find out.

Episode Notes

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Are you a revenue-positive company looking to fund your growth, reach profitability, and to take your company to the next level? Apply to Indie.vc then!

About Rad Dad

Rad Dad is a podcast about the lives, decisions and view of successful, intelligent, and peculiar parents. Fun stories, insights, and of course, occasional parenting advice.

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