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David Heinemeier Hansson

Founder of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp

Founder of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp
October 16, 2018
Malibu, CA
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Episode Summary

David Heinemeier Hansson is the founder of Ruby on Rails and co-founder and CTO of Basecamp. He is an outspoken defender of living a fulfilling life, and a true believer that it does not have to be crazy at work. When not writing code, David enjoys endurance car racing and time with his wife and two kids.

Over the years, David has become a very influential person in technology and business, and has developed a number of philosophies which are helping him live a happy and fulfilling life, a life in which there is time for business and pleasure.

As you will hear for yourself, happiness is a simple secret. You too could have a great life and ensure that you kids have one too. David does not try to hide what it takes to be truly happy. At the end, it is on you to give it a try. Are you ready?

Key discussion points:

What drives DHH to come to work every day (01:00)
Can you be at a place where you are only doing things that you like? (06:00)
Happiness, the stoic philosophy and the concept of existentialism (08:30)
How to be satisfied with life and work (13:00)
The power of intrinsic motivation and how David nearly failed high-school (17:00)
Benefits of growing up in a socially democratic state, Denmark (28:00)

ReWork - New York Times Bestseller (32:00)
It Does Not Have to Be Crazy At Work (39:00)
When enough is enough (44:50)

How to make a fortune in car racing (50:00)
Entrepreneurship and the value of balancing risk (58:00)
The goal of living and free-range children (1:03:00)
Modern parent obsession with obedience (1:09:00)
Parenting and equal and how to teach your kids about money (01:15:27)

In this episode:

Show Notes:

Books by David and 37Signals / Basecamp

Rework - New York Times Bestseller
Remote: Office not required
It does not have to be crazy at work

Books that David mentioned during the show

Finding Flow: The Psychology Of Engagement With Everyday Life
Punished by Rewards

Popular blog posts by DHH

The day I became a millionaire

To see an amazing car collection, as well as beautiful hills of Malibu

DHH on Instagram

Lastly, other podcasts with DHH that were thoroughly enjoyable to hear

The Tim Ferris Show (warning: very-very-very long)
The Unmistakable Creative (my personal favorite)

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Rad Dad Podcast is created and hosted by Kirill Zubovsky