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Geoff Ralston

Y Combinator partner shares tips on raising kids without screwing them up.

Y Combinator partner shares tips on raising kids without screwing them up.
May 22, 2019
Silicon Valley, California
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Episode Summary

If you like startups and Silicon Valley, Geoff shares his story of working at IBM, founding and selling companies near the first startup bubble, and then eventually going on the path of angel investing, founding Imagine K12 and becoming friends with Paul Graham. We talk about technology and how it will impact the future of education, what Y Combinator ed-tech and other organization are doing to help, and the sacrifices taken by the most successful founders.

As far as parenting and education, we cover everything from the time you bring home a newborn, to the time they go off to college. Geoff talks about his upbringing and what impact it had on his choices, the similarities and differences of parenting in the 70s and our kids today, and how devices and performance drugs are driving kids overboard. He also explains how while we do put too much pressure on our kids to do well in school, there is evidence that income disparity starts as early as kindergarten. We talk online education and alternative schools. We cover it all.

At the end of the day, kids are like startups, you invest today and might not know the outcome for many years ahead, and yet it’s exhilarating, rewarding, and just the best thing you can do. Listen to this episode for many great stories, ideas, and tricks about business, startups, you and your children.

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Rad Dad is a podcast about the lives, decisions and view of successful, intelligent, and peculiar parents. Fun stories, insights, and of course, occasional parenting advice.

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