John Cook

GeekWire co-founder shares the joys and challenges of running a business and being an involved dad

GeekWire co-founder shares the joys and challenges of running a business and being an involved dad
July 10, 2018
Seattle, WA

Eight years ago John co-founded GeekWire.com and had a kid at the same time - Although life hasn’t always been easy, the only thing he regrets is not doing both ealier in his life. Follow along and learn a bit about both entrepreneurship and parenting.

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Episode Summary

One day, armed with their knowledge from the newspapers world, John and his co-founder Todd set out to build a new kind of media company and GeekWire.com was born. Coincidentally, John’s kid was also born about the same time. Now John was running a company, being pulled into a million directions at once, while parenting in between. Lucky for him, media turned out to be a perfect business for a busy life with a family focus.

“Get interested in something, and be interested in it!” - that was the advice John got from his parents. He wasn’t encouraged to be a doctor or lawyer, but rather they believed that if he could get passionate about something, he would be tremendously happier and more successful. 

Now, being his own boss, John can work any time he wants, and he loves it. The job comes with great perks too, like being able to take his wife out for a cool event, that also doubles as a work function. He can be flexible and do things his way - like walk his kids to school and race off to a high-profile interview, step out for a soccer game at lunch time, and be back in the office to record a podcast shortly after. It’s the kind of life many people dream of, but living one requires hard work and a will to succeed at both.

Although he doesn’t have many regrets, John would tell you that if he were to do it again, he’d do both earlier - have kids and start a business. Family life might feel scary during your earlier years, you may feel that life is great and you don’t want it to change. Fortunately, both in business and life, if you sit back for too long, the world might promptly change around you. 

Kids make life 1000x better, but you have to jump in with both feet and enjoy it.

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