Rad Dad Podcast by Kirill Zubovsky

Jonathan Sposato

Chairman of the board.

Chairman of the board.
November 6, 2019
Seattle, WA
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Episode Summary

Jonathan Sposato is a Seattle entrepreneur, investors, and a community activist. He is a chairman of Geekwire.com and Picmonkey.com

We talk about his childhood and what it was like to be growing up in a mixed family, in a time and place when that was definitely not the norm, and how that shaped his life and his outlook on the future. We talk about Janathan’s entrepreneurial endeavors, his investments, and how it all translates into his community involvement and the way he is parenting his son.

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About Rad Dad

Rad Dad is a podcast about the lives, decisions and view of successful, intelligent, and peculiar parents. Fun stories, insights, and of course, occasional parenting advice.

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