Rad Dad Podcast by Kirill Zubovsky

Vlad Magdalin


July 2, 2019
Moscow, Russia
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Episode Summary

Webflow is a tool that lets anyone to create a stunning looking website at a click of a button. It is simple, yet extremely powerful. So powerful in fact, Vlad Magdalin and his team use Webflow to build Webflow. In this episode we talk about the company, how it took Vlad a decade to go from inception to a funded company, the future of startups and software, and how his family played a role in creating their company’s culture.


Episode Notes

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Fun fact - rad dad very website, as well as my personal website, are both built in Webflow and it only took a few hours for both. Doing the same by hand would have taken days.

Vlad Magdalin

Kirill Zubovsky


Webflow University

About Rad Dad

Rad Dad is a podcast about the lives, decisions and view of successful, intelligent, and peculiar parents. Fun stories, insights, and of course, occasional parenting advice.

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