Zack Onisko

Dribbble CEO talks about the benefit of distributed teams on parenting and quality of life.

Dribbble CEO talks about the benefit of distributed teams on parenting and quality of life.
June 8, 2018
Waltun Creek, CA

A Bay Area native, Zack is a successful entrepreneur, wizard of growth, and the CEO of a design company Dribbble. While some of his peers are busy cranking 14-hour days in the city, Zack works with a fully distributed team from the comfort of his house. Zero hours of commute leave him plenty of time to hang out with kids and enjoy life, while still leading the company to success. How can you be a dad, a successful CEO, and do it all from the comfort of your house? Listen and you will find out ;)

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Episode Summary

Having worked at startups for the last decade, Zack is no stranger to a big and beautiful office downtown San Francisco, and yet once he was able to choose his fortunes, he settled for a suburban lifestyle with an office in his backyard. Being in a comfort of his home allows Zack to take breaks, see his kids during the day, enjoy the Sequoia trees in his backyard, and at the same time to stay super productive and to keep the company growing.

Back in the 80s, Zack grew up with his dad who was running a chimney-cleaning business of his own. Looking back, Zack can see that some of the “camping trips” him and his dad went on were actually times when they didn’t have a place to stay, but his dad made the best of it. Times were tough, and work wasn’t always easy to find, but they managed. The Bay was different back then. Now, as a dad himself, Zack makes it a priority to make sure his kids have a happy and healthy life, without the struggles.

Working remotely in the comfort of his own home, Zack can afford to enjoy family BBQs, go bike rides around town, and even jam together on guitars, drums, and piano with his kids. Being inspired by his dad, Zack takes an easy approach to extra curricular - expose them to a bunch of things so they know what’s available and let them get curious. The rest will take care of itself.

As far as parenting goes, no one can prepare you for it all. His advice is to give your kids some freedom, not to stress out too much about everything there is, and remember, everyone is just figuring it out day by day. Life will through some curve balls once in a while, figure out how to hit them!

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