Podcasts are more of an art form than it is a money-maker. Even the best in class producers rely on donations and advertising in order to keep their shows afloat. Just ask Roman Mars, the man who made podcasts popular, and he would tell you that his most popular shows still rely on donations to keep going.

Rad Dad is a project to share parenting life with other dads (more about why I started rad dad here). The goal is to share stories and lessons, enabling new parents to learn from each other. We are no "expert" trying to force you to do anything. You pick what you learn.

So far show guests included full-time working dads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, artists and creators, and dads (and some moms) of all walks of life. Your support would help us bring more parents and share more experiences, making parenting accessible to all. Send a dollar, or a million bucks, it all goes towards a good cause.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out and I'd be happy to help.
Kirill Zubovsky

Rad Dad Podcast by Kirill Zubovsky
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Rad Dad Podcast hosted by Kirill Zubovsky